The British Sieger has been established since 2005.
This increasingly popular annual event promotes the health of the German Shepherd.
All health and breed standard regulations must be met before a German Shepherd can be entered, excepting young dogs which have not yet reached an age to be health screened or passed a breed survey.
The British Sieger also promotes the ‘’true’’ German Shepherd and it’s working capabilities,
this is facilitated with working classes for adult males and females.Sieger and Siegerin titles are awarded in all classes.
VA titles can be awarded at the judge’s discretion.

WUSV Working Group
Breed Harmonisation Programme  Here


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

On the occasion of the WUSV-General Assembly on September 07, 2015 was approved of by the congregation.

The newly adopted version implies, among other issues, that the daily business and area of operations of the WUSV is subject to the regulations of the SV to the effect that the SV regulations for the training of judges now also applies to the member organizations of the WUSV in that respect.

The WUSV judges that had been already appointed by that time shall be assigned to the status of SV foreign judges according to the speech as delivered by the WUSV president Professor Dr. Heinrich Meßler on the occasion of the assembly. The WUSV training seminar attended by the judges who are affected by this adoption to the WUSV statutes shall be recognized as a basic respectively introductory seminar

For the time being the regulation for judges of the SV is reviewed in that respect and the details concerning the training and career of SV foreign judges are currently finalized by our legal department in cooperation with a task force to be submitted to the Federal Assembly of the SV in May 2016 for the approval that this procedure requires.

For the above mentioned reasons the appointments of WUSV judges that were granted in the past and up to the year 2014 are currently pending. As a result, we regret very much having to inform you that the SV cannot grant any judge releases for WUSV judges during this ongoing process.

We will keep you duly informed about all results and developments in this respect and thank you for your kind consideration.

With kind regards

Hartmut Setecki

Weltunion der Vereine für Deutsche Schäferhunde (WUSV) e.V.
- Generalsekretariat -

Tel.: 0821 74002–15, Fax: 0821 74002–9915
Internet: <http://www.schaeferhunde.de/>
E-Mail: <wusv@schaeferhunde.de>


2016 British Sieger Event

Press release from the British Association for German Shepherd Dogs and the German Shepherd Dog Breed Council

The British Sieger Event Working Party, which consists of representatives of the three organisations responsible for the administration and running of the Event, met on November 1st. This meeting was to review the recent and very successful Eleventh BSE and to discuss preliminary plans for the Twelfth Event in 2016. The three organisations concerned are British Association for German Shepherd Dogs, the German Shepherd Dog Breed Council, and the German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain.

At the meeting a statement from the GSDL was read out. In this statement the GSDL declared their intention to withdraw from future British Sieger Events. A letter on the same subject from the GSDL to BAGSDs had been sent prior to the meeting but the GSD Breed Council had not been informed of the League’s intentions and, as there was no Working Party delegate from the GSDL present, the Breed Council’s delegates were unable to obtain further clarification. However, the membership of the GSD League have been informed by letter that the League intends to work only with BAGSDs, which is, to say the least, rather surprising, considering the fact that the GSDL is a member club of the GSD Breed Council.

Before the British Sieger Event came into being the late Dr Malcolm Willis, along with other representatives of the GSD Breed Council, met with the Kennel Club to ask for permission to organise such an event and were given permission by the KC to do so. As a consequence of this meeting and the subsequent KC permission, the GSD Breed Council has been involved in the organisation from the very beginning. The late Frank Gater who was President of the British Association for German Shepherd Dogs and other representatives of that organisation and the GSD League (as part of the WUSV Working Group GB) also obtained KC permission and therefore BAGSDs has also been involved with the British Sieger Event right from the start.

BAGSDs & the GSD Breed Council wish it to be known that the door is open for the League to return to the tri-partite organising of the British Sieger Event but if they do not wish to do so then BAGSDs & the GSD Breed Council will continue to work together to ensure that the BSE 2016 is as successful as 2015.

Issued on 7th November by Bob Honey (Chairman of British Association for German Shepherd Dog) and John Cullen (Chairman of GSD Breed Council).


2014 German Sieger Results HERE


New Kennel Club Health Pages HERE


British Sieger Working Party

Schedules for the 10th British Sieger to be held
at Ellistown FC, LE67 1GD
on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th 2014
are available from:
www.britishsieger.com  www.gsdleague.co.uk  www.bagsd.net www.gsdbreedcouncil.co.uk
The committee apologise for the late availability of schedules due to our change of venue and website problems
all has been resolved now and we look forward to a great show.
Get your entries in by 16th August  for reduced entry fee. Final entry closing date 3rd September.
For 2014, we are introducing, on a trial basis, a redefined working class to include dogs with IPO/Sch/VPG qualifications and a British Breed Council Breed Survey. We hope this will make the class more attainable for British breeders and exhibitors and look forward to your feedback.
We are working hard to make this 10th anniversary event a memorable one and, in response to exhibitor’s feedback last year, we will be offering sashes for all class winners and are working on making sure the podium looks fantastic for all the photo shoot opportunities.
We look forward to seeing exhibitors and visitors alike.

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